The journey to becoming Brisbane's Broker of choice starts with a hundred conversations a week

Just under 12 months ago I decided set myself up as a Mortgage Broker on the Northside of Brisbane. MyFinanceFinda was set up with the sole purpose helping clients fund their dreams. 

As you will be aware finance brokering is an extremely competitive industry and is dominated by large players. Recently, a prospective client asked me why they should trust me over a broker from a well established brand. My response was simple. I fight to get my clients the best deal.

I am a Chartered Accountant with a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment and an Executive MBA. I am associated with a national brokerage firm called Origin Finance which has over 90 brokers under its umbrella. I also aggregate through Choice Aggregation Services which is a NAB owned business. Fear not, I am not obliged to provide you NAB products. My goal is to provide the most suitable finance package for my clients, be it a residential loan or commercial/business loan.

In this blog you will be able to follow my journey to becoming the most sort after finance broker in Brisbane. Gaining success in this industry is about helping as may clients as possible. Getting those clients is not easy. My aim is to speak with 100 people a week and this is where I need your help. Please share my contact details with as many people as possible who may be in the market for a new home loan or looking to refinance. In return you will have my eternal friendship. Pretty good deal dont you think?

I know you all want me to succeed so please help me by giving me the opportunity to speak with 100 people a week who may benefit from what I am offering.

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Please call me directly on 0411144625 to discuss any of your residential finance needs.

Stay tuned for updates on my journey to speaking with 100 people a week.